Help beyond a verbal exchange

In order to create lasting change in our lives, we need more than a verbal exchange with a mental health provider. Over the last ten years, I have studied and employed a variety of experiential methods to address the root causes of trauma and help individuals create lasting and permanent changes in their lives. I use counseling and cutting edge eye movement therapy treatments while providing clients with the opportunity to create artwork. My goal is to help individuals resolve problematic patterns of behavior and find relief from the overwhelming physical sensations associated with these thoughts and feelings.

Art therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that incorporates creative expression into the therapeutic process. Like traditional talk therapy, it involves forming a professional relationship with a therapist to help you explore and understand personal challenges. Creating imagery or using visualization can help you express your inner voice and clarify your intuition.

In our first session we will explore what brings you to therapy, and I will be open to answering any questions about my experiential approach and how it can meet your unique needs. I will help you clarify issues, consider your goals and explore feelings through both verbal and non-verbal means.

I work with a number of different experiential tools to address the underlying causes of trauma. I am particularly passionate about a novel exposure–based cognitive psychotherapy that fosters rapid recovery by reprogramming how the brain stores traumatic memories and imagery. It is particularly useful for individuals who are searching for a short-term and extremely effective solution for treating post-traumatic stress.

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